Digital Advertising Solutions


SIXIDE presents



Interactive 3D banners for conversion increase

Advanced 3D technology


Optimizable operative and administrative costs

User friendly online editor

advertisement templates

SIXIDE advertisements are full value html5 web pages with automated user interaction process recording

Professional rich media solution

Unique appearance of SIXIDE advertisements, easily preparable surfaces and cost effective operation add up to an attractive and professional rich media solution.

Platform-independent appearance: Windows, IOS, Android

The robust 3D presentation engine used by SIXIDE-system performs excellently on all of the popular modern platforms on the market.

Online rich media editor

The SIXIDE's unique online editor makes it possible to create various rich media advertisements in minutes.

Responsive appearance

The robust 3D presentation engine used by SIXIDE-system provides maximum user experience on all modern web platforms.

User-friendly, standard banner templates

Besides the IAB-standard banner sizes, unique sizes are preparable in the system on customer demand.

Ad measurement systems compatibility

Any kind of third-party measurement code (Adverticum, Gemius, Google Analytics, ...) can be inserted to the templated surfaces to measure the efficiency of SIXIDE-advertisements.